Dress  -   [ LsR ] - Sexy Samy Drape Dress New
                                                                          (Size for Maitreya, Slink P & HG, Belleza Isis Freya Venus)

                                                                                  Body Tatto  - MooLoo - Festival Squad Tattoo
                                                                                       (Appliers  for Slink Siganture and Omega)

                                                                                         Hair     -   #Foxy - Her Hair (Grayscales)


                                                                                Dress  - [WellMade] - Freya Dress New
                                                    (Size for Maitreya , Slink P & HG,Belleza Isis Freya Venus,eBody Curvy)

                                                                               Shoes  - *Uniwaii* - Naah Shoes New
                                                                      ( Only for Miatreya Mid feet And Slink Mid feet)

                                                                         Body tatto -  MooLoo - Something Blue Tattoo

                                                                               Hair    -  *Besom - Hair#21~ Jenny *Holographics* Old Gacha


                                                                                        Outfit  -  -Desmonia - Jhane Denim Romper  New
                                                          (Size for Maitreya, Slink P & HG,  Belleza Isis Freya Venus, Tonic Curvy & Fine)

                                                                                        Hair  -  Beusy: - Ashlie Hairstyle + Cap New

                                                                                      Shoes  -  N-core - Thigh High SKATES (FatPack)


                                                                                      Top & Bra  -  [WellMade] - Naya Top New
                                             (Size for Maitreya,Slink P & HG, Belleza Isis Freya Venus , Jomo Fox & Werewolf)

                                                                                           Skirt  -  [WellMade] - Lux Skirt New
                                              (Size for Maitreya,Slink P & HG, Belleza Isis Freya Venus ,eBody Curvy, Tonic Curvy &Fine)

                                                                                   Body Tatto   -  MooLoo - Old School Tattoo New
                                                                                (Appliers For Slink ,Signature ,Omega*Unisex Tatto*)

                                                                                      Bangles    -   ::OOPS:: - Voronoi Bangles New At Dubai Event

                                                                                           Hair    -   #Foxy - North Hair (Grayscales) New


                                                                                              Top  - [ LsR ] - Sexy Alhana Denim Top  New
                                               (Size for Miatreya,Slink P & HG,eBody Curvy,Bellza Isis Freya Venus,Tonic Curvy & Fine)

                                                                                            Skirt   -  [WellMade] - Lau Skirt
                                               (Size for Maitreya,Slink P & HG, Belleza Isis Freya Venus ,eBody Curvy, Tonic Curvy & Fine)

                                                                                      Body tatto  - MooLoo - Cosmic Lover Tattoo
                                                                                              (Omega , Slink ,Signature Appliers)

                                                                                              Hair  - #Foxy - Her Hair (Grayscales)


                                                                            Salacity - Cafe Table  New At ILLUMINATE EVENT
                               The Cafe Table matches the chair perfectly, or stands on its own! Also loaded with plenty of colors (and by the way, the colors are all coffee drink colors).
                                                                           Salacity - Coffee Cup Chair New At ILLUMINATE EVENT
                              We have the Coffee Cup Chair, a one-of-a-kind chair that has some great animations and props for hanging out and RP. Also plenty of colors for the seat!

                                                                          Salacity - Table Umbrella New At ILLUMINATE EVENT
                            For the table we also have a Table Umbrella, which has four different colors of canvas and fits exactly into the table and set

                                                                           Salacity - Cafe Food Set New At ILLUMINATE EVENT
                            To complement these, we also have a set of food and service pieces for a cafe setting. A tray, plate, coffee mug, muffin, donut, and hamburger. These come with a couple of options, including a wearable version of the tray (with animation).

                                                                          Salacity - Cafe Sign set  New At ILLUMINATE EVENT
                            Also alongside the above, two signs that add a final touch. One hangs on the wall. The other is a sandwich board style, with different options for the messages.


                                                                                     Dress - [WellMade] - Agnella Dress New
                                               (Size for  Maitreya,Slink P & HG,Belleza Isis Freya Venus,Jomo  Fox & Werwolf)

                                                                                    Shoes - [BREATHE] - Tina Heels-Mystic Pink New At Pochet Gacha

                                                                                    Hair  -  #Foxy - North Hair (Grayscales) New At Kustom 9