i`piteme-~i~ Jenny Long Hoodie (NEW)
                              (Can be worn wirh slink original and hourglass,maitreya,belleza isis venus freya and werewolf)

                                                                                      i`piteme -~i~ Smooth Garter Leggings (NEW)
                                 (Can be worn wirh slink original and hourglass,maitreya,belleza isis venus freya)

                                                                                      i`piteme-~i~ All Star Tip-Toe Sneakers



                                                                                       JACKET @ SKIRT
                                                           Braham Design Francesca Black Skirt Top Jacket (NEW)
( Come on estándar size only the skirt can we worn wit maitreya body*i have  the m size on a slink original body*)

                                            Indulge Temptation!-!IT! - Uriel's Earring - Uriel's Necklace- Uriel's Ring (NEW)


                                                                                     KiB Designs-Witch Dress RARE (NEW Halloween Gatcha )
                               ( Dress come  for slink original and hourglass,maitreya.eBody and 2 fitmesh sieze for normal avis)

                                                                                       KiB Designs -Withc Hat RARE (NEW Halloween Gatcha )

                                                                                        BAG @ NECKLACE@ PASTIE 
                                                         KiB Designs-Pumplin Bag,Spider Pasties,Spider Necklaces  (NEW Halloween Gatcha )

                                                                                                 WINGS  @ TAIL
                                     .{PSYCHO:Byts}-ceCream Monster - Tail - RARE- IceCream Monster - Wings - RARE (NEW AT  CANDY FAIR)



                                                                                             -CroM- Teresa - Spiders (NEW)
                                  (Can be worn with slink original ,maitreya ,belleza original and  fitmesh for standar avi´s)

                                                                                              +Spellbound+ Lionhearted

                                                                                    .HollyWeird.-.HW. Faida .Winged Heel.



                                 Mistique- Leri Black  (NEW)
                                     (Can be worn with slink original and hourglass,maitreya,eBody and  large and small avi size)
                                             [RunAway Hair]-[RA] Viola Hair - Boobs&Bangs (NEW)
                    N-core -CLEO "Black"


                                                                                                      DRESS @ GLOWS
                                                                                        {POSH PIXELS} -Petals - Sanguine (NEW)
                                                         (Can be worn only with standar avis* i have it on slink original  body *)

                                                                                                 #EMPIRE - Bottlebrush (GROUP GIFT)

                                                                                        Indulge Temptation-!IT! - Triumph Crown

                                                                                        Indulge Temptation-!IT! - Fernophilia Necklace (NEW)


                                                                                     BF- OUTFIT CRISTIANE  (NEW)
                                    (The outfit   come with  pants ,jacket and  sandals..   can be worn with slink original and hourglass,maitreya,belleza venus issi freya ,tmp ,omega and  sdandar  mesh size, Sandals work on slink high feet and maitreya high feet)

                                                                                     [RunAway Hair]-[RA] Viola Hair  (NEW)